For various Projects I thought it would be great to have a graphical programming language, that had cover all Javascript specialities. After I did something like that before. Where I wanted to build a AI simulation MMOG. Now I wanted to build it for more general purpose. When this works. It could work with a whide range of applications. Because today I would build it on top of babylon.js. Babylon would parse any Javascript-file and provide an AST(abstract source tree). The ast could easily get displayed with graphical components. and get changed and moved by drag and drop. When Changing a function or object definition all positions where this was used could automatically get changed.

with that setup, you could build apps, where the users could implement there own logic.

Let’s say you make a Jump and run. Then you tell the player to move left. the user tries. Then you open a message this method is not implemented jet, can you do it. so the user implements a method to move the hero. and then the user can do it for all hero actions. When the user is arriving at a closed door. The user could implement the toogle method to open and close the doore. with a heros cction.

A second example could be a data-management-app. where the user yould define macros and forms to input data in his most efficient way, without a need to a special ajusted app. he could just code the logic with moving blocks.

The possiblilities are endless. before I looked ad scratch, whitch is a programming language that also can compile to Javascript. but this is not using the flexibilities of javascript. second Scratch is implemented on a canvas. that makes it difficult to change the theme. So in all apps. it will look like a toy for children. if the components are displayed with HTML they could be styled easily using CSS. to look like an actual programming lanugage, or more like blocks to move for the younger generation. I could even imagine, that it would be possible to build an IDE based on the Babylon abstract source tree.

how do you think about that Idea, should we start that project, to provide a general purpose graphical programming language supporting all the greatness of javascript?