Recently I had a great idea for a node-module to develop. So, first the idea: In tmysqlpromisedao, I have the concept for loading data from related tables by using related DAOs. The new module should generalize that idea and make it awailable for other dao libraries that follow the tDao conventions.I created the github project, pushed an initial, empty project to npm and started to implement the “dao-registry”. In my suprise I was done in 3 lines of code. That was basicly a function returning a new empty object. That was a useless module, so as quick as I can, I deleted the project.

But still, I want to embrase the idea. In the next version of tmysqlpromisedao you will be able to provide a registry object as a parameter. That will allow you to seemlessly mashup datasources.

For example, your application might store users in mysql, but blogposts+comments in couchdb. As a prove of concept, I will soon implement a dao library for lowdb, that will be working together with mysql and the dao2koa API generator.