Talking about some technology is difficult. You are passioned about some technology, just some technique, some idea how you want to structure your code, a lib or anything that you learned to know and think that could be usefull for your projects. You like that, what ever it is. You think that might be changing your work. Then of course you want tell someone about that. But they don’t get the point.

That might have different reasons.

lack of interest
lack of understanding
is currently passioned about something else

pretending to understand and talk about very general/low level stuff

pretending he had a similar solution by doing somehting different and telling you about his interesting stuff, that you don’t care

pretending to be interested, knowing they can never catch up in a reasonable time to understand

you find someone who understand it, you is giving you further good thoughts, but they are so busy doing other stuff.

find someone else, find someone who got the point and is willing to use that in a project with you