Hello, my name is Tobias Nickel. I am a German Software Developer at Molasync Inc in Shanghai. There I am a fullstack web-developer.


That means I implement various UI-elements, handle the full clientside communication with our tomcat and pomelo/nodejs server, handle the entire node-server businesslogic, from the API for iOS and Web, to database, cloudsorrage, offline notifications and message passing back to connected clients, providing an intuitive, reliable and collaborative experience using babel.cc.


The Final high point of my educational way was the universal study at the Stralsund University in Germany. I took the class for Applied Computerscience specialised in software development and multimedia technology. But long before I begun with that study I decided to be a web-developer, believing to have the greatest impact in connecting people.

Open Source

I publish a lot of my code that is not business critical, but usefull to many developer, on open plattforms. Developing a databinging framwork in 2013 that, that not just connect the UI but also the server. I have now a whide range of libraries of repositories on Github, NPM and Composer. The Range goes from UI handling over data layer to database abstraction. check it out.


As a regulary member as participant in local software development meetup groups, the people in Shanghai know me pritty good. I do not just visit thouse meetups. They are they to participate. So I share personal developments, studies, opinions and experience. In October 2015 I even presented ORM systems in nodejs. And recently I had a strong impackt when I gave a short lightning talk about deveoping hard UI-driven apps in a procedural style, that even scales to very large and complex applications.

Shanghai meetup