My notebook is now 4 years old and when I look to get a new one, it seems if there are no better notebooks today. 4 years ago I was paying 460€ for my acer with an i3 4010u, 4GB, 250GB-SSD, 1080p 15.3” screen. Even after so long time it is very hard to find something better, for the same price AND I am looking to have a note-book of the same size and thickness.. If I want more, I need to play more.

And actually I want more, but when spending a little more, the increase is to little as that I want to do it and it the specs are better, the price easily goes out of range.Since 4 years I live with a broken left mouse button, so the quality of my notebook was even at that time on a low level. So next time I really want to spend more for my PC, so that it is every day a better feeling when working on the machine. And as a software developer I work a lot on this machine. most of my open source projects are developed on my notebook.

Actually I am happy. I am happy that it is not necessary to get a new device. And I like, that coding usually requires so little hardware. I am happy, that this hardware lasts so long and delivers a good reliability. since about 8-9 months I am switched to linux and in this area the hardware seems to olden much slower.

And I am not just thinking for myself. It is better for the environment.A device less, that I buy, is a device less, that is on a mountain of crap. And as it seems others are also using there devices longer. 10 years ago, you could buy every two years a new machine. But now a 4 year old computer is still good. I like that. Not to forget is the social stability. A so old machine, is still capable to fulfill most important tasks. I think most of it is on the internet, and a internet PC is today very cheap to get.

With that I want to thank Intel and AMD for a slower innovation cycle.