Over time software developer also develop a special sense in what conditions they can concentrate best. Some programmer need it absolutely silent, such as the linux inventer Linus Torvalds. But for me that is nothing. Because there is always something. When it is to quiet, I will listen to my own breath or some neighbors do anything. Then I listen to them. I found that even more distracting then having music running.


From situation to situation I listen to very different music. That made me get used to say, I am listening to good music. Because I like music from electro, classic, rock/metal and hiphop/rap. Texts can really lead make an average song great. When programming of course I don’t want to get distracted. So when coding I like to listen to radio paradise. I don’t know any song they are playing, but it sounds good. An other way I use to not get distracted, is listening one song in a loop. For that I take a song that I really like, then I listen it “to dead”, until i have no more emotions to it. So, then it is still a good song, but it is not distracting. The last songs I was listening in a loop have beed Ambitions by Donkeyboys, Mystic mountains from the Hobbit-movie, die immer Lacht, or “kein bock by eure Mütter”.


As a good software developer I know of course about the parameter of audio files and the quality of sound is very important. But actually i don’t care about kb/s or 80-40000Hz. I think even 32kb is ok. Having that, voices sound good and feelings get transported well. When programming it is better to use headphones. I like to head deep bass, but I don’t want my heart to get shocked. For that good headphones are important. I think there are many good brands that offer nice headphones. Both is fine, a small button I stick to my ear or bigger once that cover the hear.


I like to feel a deep bass. So I change the settings in my operating system. with very low mids and very high deeps and hights. There it is important not to increase the bass. but to reduce the mids. Because otherwise the quality get very bad. On the image is my current setting for the pulseaudio driver in Ubuntu. In Windows a similar setting is called Bass-Improvement to have system-wide stronger bass. Actually my notebook is not very good. It was cheap, 4 years old running by an i3. but with that setting, even guys with mac-books tell me the sound of my notebook is so good. So the notebook can not be as loud as on default settings. It is still worth it.

By the way, I am not good at dancing or singing. I don’t play any instrument. I just listen to music.

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