When developing web application you need many programs in a modern environment. That leads many to use tools like grunt or gulp to run tasks automatically. Using thous tools requires all tools to get translated to thous frameworks. And some even don’t fit into this setting.

twatch will run many programs simultaneously on a single console, making it ease to reason what output came from witch program. When I develop nodeApplications I have running the node-server, JS-lint, babeljs, regenerator, mocha and other tools running in watch-mode. Normally each of thous would use one console or run in background printing the output mixed into one open console. Restarting the commands is difficult or time consuming.

With twatch you prepare a single file, that will start all programs on a single terminal, helping you to reason what program printed the output.

update 2020

Today I have to say, concurrently is a much better and stable alternative.

  1. 1. update 2020