Hello, my name is Tobias Nickel. I am a German Software Developer at PricewaterhouseCoopers AC in Shanghai in the position of a Senior Technical Lead, for web, micro service, chat and blockchain applications.


I work at various projects, ranging from real time chat, over web, to blockchain applications. As a tech lead, I am responsible that everyone on the team can perform at his best, work on tasks that matter and be productive. To do so, it is important to keep an eye on all requirements and all components of the application.


My highest educational degree is a bachelor from the Stralsund university in Germany. I took the class for Applied Computer Science specialized in software development and multimedia technology. But long before I begun with that study I decided to focus on web technologies, as I’m believing to have the greatest impact in connecting people.

Open Source

I publish a lot of my code that is not business critical, but useful to many developer, on open platforms. Developing a data binding framework in 2013, that not just connect the UI, but also the server. I have now a wide range of libraries of repositories on Github, NPM and Composer. The Range goes from UI handling over data layer to database abstraction. My most popular is a very tiny and fast xml parser. check it out.


As a regularly member as participant in local software development meetup groups, the people in Shanghai know me pretty good. I do not just visit thous meetups, but also contribute with preparing talks. So I share personal developments, studies, opinions and experiences. In October 2015 I even presented ORM systems in nodejs. And recently I had a strong impact when I gave a short lightning talk about developing UI-driven apps in a procedural style, that even scales to very large and complex applications.

Shanghai meetup

Tobias Nickel