Software development is a broad field and even web-development is a field that can not get covered by a single person. I am taking, discussing, reading, learning about web-development very much, since many years. But still it happen, that I talk with someone who just started programming, and then is able to tell be something I don’t know, but actually is very interesting, good to know and even has impact on how and what I program next.

On the other hand, I have many thoughts, that I share with people. Sometimes they are stupid, sometimes they are just opinions, but sometimes someone else is telling be a great Idea and thought, that I even had long time ago. But I didn’t follow those thought. Because they are not worth, it is not to important, or I have just no time. And next time, I want to tell the guy “you are right, I even wrote a post on my blog about it. check it out at”

So, in this blog I will also post some development Ideas, that I have no time to implement jet, but I would love to use as a software. means, keep reading, maybe your next business idea is somewhere hidden in my thoughts.