The short answer is Javascript. When you want to learn to program, you should learn Javascript. With Javascript you can do almost anything. And today it is getting more and more popular, flexible and useful. It started as a small extension to HTML. But today you can do almost anything with it. It is for sure a great technology to get started with.

If you don’t know now what to program, JS is perfect. If you want to do websites, it is perfect, you want to make iOS, Android or desktop applications, it is perfect. You want to do Server applications, it is perfect. You want to do some script to do some tasks, it is perfect. You want to do some game in 2D or 3d, it is very good. You want to do some Internet of Things (IoT), it is great. You need to handle big data it is great.

My tip, do not try to do class-based programming in JS (for details read object oriented programming is bad)

As soon as you know some javascript. you learned

  • flow control: if, switch, do, while, for
  • variables: var, Array [], Object {}
  • async programming: callback, anonymous function