In 2019 I was very happy about my 20 articles. In 2020 I managed to wite 30 articles and for the next year I want to create even more great posts. As always, I only publish posts, that I believe have some content that can not be found anywhere else. Some insight, some opinions out of often painful experience or something other modules authors would not want you to know.

With everyone of my articles, I believe, teams could save many many hours of research and development. We can not look into every technology. For that, there is to much technology created every day. That is very good, however we also always have to focus on getting productive.

Within this year, I started also to publish my articles at the community. There I get very valuable feedback. Participating now in a small number of communities, I get a better sense of what developers struggle with and can better direct my articles.

Many of my articles are very controversial. With the article about the Web Push API people can find out if they want to support this only seemingly open technology. The article about the best usage of RxJS let you know what frequent problems developers face when using it. You can find information, why dataloader is not the best choice for query batching.

This year, I also started to make short articles about modules that I believe more developers can truly profit from. axe core will help you to improve the accessibility for visitors with bad eyes. With piscina it get easy to use your complete multicore CPU in node.js. As the request module on npm now is marked as deprecated, with ‘undicy’ there is a new very fast alternative http client library. And how flexSearch is a great option to add full text search to your blog.

There are a bunch of articles showing to re-implement various modules to gain a deeper understanding. http server with using the net module, implementing a self made localtunnel. Cloning Objects to use a solution that better fit your use case and can give you a great performance boost.

In 2020 I shared 12 articles about general application architecture. From a practical blockchain. How to organize informations like in the offline world to release a stigma of data modelling for non technical team members.

After reading a number of books on the topic, I shared some thoughts about leadership and how some principles apply or better manifest in software development teams. It took me a while to bring together the list of Peter Ducker quotes that are specifically for software engineers and managers. In April I god a little proud on my self reflecting article about team management with highlights.

Even dough 2020 was the most awful year for all of us, for blogging and content creation it was a bless and I want the good part to continue in the next year.