What I describe in this block is a blockchain system. I promise you the heaven from the sky. Here is the catch: it does not have consensus. I believe the consensus, as described by every other blockchain system is of very little value in todays world of organizations, governments and companies.

I believe it is impossible for sovereign nation, business, person or society to participate in a system that is expecting to set rules at one point in time upfront without later having the possibility to get out of it.

So what I propose here, is to build a system, that is honest. A system that does not try to implement restrictions and shared consensus. I propose a system that does not create trust, but that rely on trust. The trust, that come from simplicity. A blockchain, that is maintained by a single organization. From the ability of every participant to closely observe the owner/maintainer of a blockchain. The trust, that comes because you can observe the owner of the blockchain. And your ability, to abandoning that other entity as you desire and require.

As you have seen, a blockchain system has to rely on secure cryptographic algorithms and digital signatures. The software has to make it easy to observe the behavior of the master for a blockchain, and has to make it easy, to take and implement consequences, as the need occurs.

What is getting ob served? The maintainer/orderer(similar to an orderer in hyperledger Fabric) of the blockchain is able to delay or even trop unwanted transactions. He could push transactions with opposing interest before a certain already valid transaction. The maintainer of a blockchain should be independent of the actual business on that blockchain but that is not always possible.
Also the orderer would be able to send different res transactions to different clients. If clients are able to connect from time to time and verify cryptographic hashes with each other, there is no need for a continuously uphold byzantine fault tolerance.

So, here you have it. This is the design for truly business friendly accessible and enterprise ready blockchain solution. That is able to scale recording promises between friends to globally acting institutions.

Now you can check more about data structures in a blockchain or directly check how blockchain application get to consensus.