It has been a while since the last update but I have always been busy. A lot of time went into learning Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, some refresher on official scrum practices and so much more.

Since last time, there have been a log going on in the svgo project. It now has moved from sax to a js version of sax. And has undergone a lot of refactoring. Just this week, I have been able to do again the svg2js refactoring. And have been able to pass all new tests with the new current codebase. Again with no other changes to the code or tests. This time I did not run into any limitations of txml, it just works.

Also the weather is getting warmer now, so that I went out and fly my new FPV drone. After the mobula6 now I bought the moblite7. It does not have an HD camera, but it can fly much better. Now I was able to do certain moves that look a bit like what you can see from professional pilots online. Still there is so much more I need to learn and practise. Also now it was working to connect the Radiomaster radio to my PC. With that I can practise in the evenings with the liftoff simulator.

Even dough I did not write any new articles, I still always collected interesting headlines for articles that just wait to be written. Most of that on management, project organization and leadership.

Recently I installed the brave browser and it works very good to me. I am looking forward to see how much coins I can get after a month of using the browser.